Indira Emmerlich

Indira Emmerlich was born in 1966 in Zwickau (GERMANY) and lives and works in Zwickau.

Occupation: business economist in the medical sector (state certified). From 1988 - 2001 employed in the administrative area of inpatient facilities in the elderly as well as in an oncological rehabilitation clinic. From 2004 to 3 / 2009 Freelancer (mail order business). From 4 / 2009 working exclusively as a freelance artist.

Her first abstract digital artworks (Digital Painting) were created in 2006/2007. She designed with her Sketches on the graphic tablet and with subsequent extensive design-phases with different graphics- and imaging-programs new images step by step. Unique abstract shapes, delicate lines, harmonious colors reflect her innermost feelings. Inspirations for her artistic work she gets by the reflection interpersonal relationships in the professional and private environment. In particular, the encounters with people who are close to the end of their life or they live for whatever reasons at the edge of society, and the question for the "life-source" are influence on their work.

Recurrent visits to various North and Baltic Sea islands also influenced her work. At the moment she paints for the first time abstract acrylic pictures (spatula technique).

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