John Shier

"I am a self-taught artist living in Minnesota. Some might call me a geek.

"My work is purely algorithmic -- no paint, no photos in any form, no Photoshop, no Illustrator. No objects are placed by mouse. The image is entirely created by a computer program written by me. I have chosen to pursue representational art, especially "synthetic landscapes". A naturalistic look is achieved by the extensive use of random numbers. Thus no two "things" in an image have exactly the same shape, color, position -- as in nature. All of the images are created using a vector graphics format, i.e., they consist entirely of uniformly-colored hard-edged regions. Some vector source files are as large as .25 Gbyte and have near-photographic levels of detail.

"This art owes much more to applied mathematics than to pure mathematics.

"Artists I especially admire are Grant Wood (for his landscapes), Hiroshige and Hokusai, Hiro Yamagata. The works of Benoit Mandelbrot and Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier have been sources of algorithmic ideas."

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