Become a collector of digital art...

Digital art is one of the newest and brightest of the arts. Collectors and museums are beginning to recognize it as an emerging art form, although many of us recognize that it has emerged years ago, as this site well confirms. Yet the buying is still inexpensive.

You don't have to know much about digital art to start or build a collection of it, but you have to be ambitious and adventurous, and you should know something about art in general and the history of art.

Don Archer, MOCA co-founder and director, will advise on how to start and maintain such a collection. Don will introduce you to prominent digital artists and make recommendations on where to buy, what to buy, and what to pay. Art may be purchased as prints or as digital files (animated or still) for screen display. The development of inexpensive wall-hung monitors is making this latter option more practical all the time.

Investing in fine digital art is likely to prove more than a hobby. You will have the opportunity to own one-of-a-kind art or limited edition art, signed by the artist and even custom-drawn and custom-printed. Besides, the upside is full of potential financially, as digital art grows in acceptance and visibility. But Don would like you to remain an amateur in this field, as he is, a lover of digital art, regardless of its dollar value. Don thinks a strong collecting passion and the showing of digital art in your home or office will add to your quality of life and to the quality of life about you.

Don is himself an artist and has more than a decade of experience in digital art. You can be assured that his credentials and integrity are impeccable.

Feel free to write Don if you share his enthusiasm for digital art and hope to become a collector.