April 1, 2017
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Computer Paintings

by Harshad Shah

I was born in 1952 at Nadiad, Gujarat, India. From my very child hood philosophy, paintings, poems, and literature would delight my inner elements like mind, sense, ego and heart. Even in those days I always tried to express my views, dreams and ideas with the help of forms, colors and words. This process gradually led me to be a self thought painter and writer.

I graduated in commerce in 1972. After doing a job for good 18 years I started my own academy for education in Ahmedabad.

I did my first show of compu-paintings in 2000 at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. Bansilal dalal, the art critic had mentioned that it was the first of a kind one man show in Gujarat. After that I did few more one man shows of paintings in India. I had participated in painting exhibitions and competitions and had achieved quite a few awards. My work and new experiments of compu -paintings were recognized by many news papers, magazines, artists, TV channels and art lovers. Besides these I arranged art competitions for schools for children up to 16 years through my academy.

I have been in MA, USA since April 2013. I had submitted 8 paintings to the museum of computer art and had also participated in Donnie 2015 art competition. One of my paintings was selected as a director's choice.

With my other hobby of literature a novel author emerged in me and wrote a book of 723 pages named "SHRIMAD BHAGWAT JIVAN PARAG" based on Indian mythology and philosophy in traditional Indian Gujarati language. I firmly believe that the new methods, modern means and wide and deep sight of the new generation will lead the computer art to the world of dreams and images. This digital art will give the shape, forms and colors to the fiction wonderfully and scientifically.


H-Compu - Painting 27


H-Compu - Painting 28


H-Compu - Painting 29


H-Compu - Painting 30


H-Compu - Painting 31


H-Compu - Painting 32


H-Compu - Painting 33


H-Compu - Painting 34


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Art by Erino Chericoni

Erino Chericoni is an Italian painter who uses the computer as canvas. He is 72 years old and says his life has been absorbed by work, but that now he is free to express his sentiments. "I think the painting must express our sentiments and not to be a fine thing to hang. I love the beauties of nature, good feelings. Love is the prime mover."

His art seems characterized by a kind of Primitivism. There is no striving for effect. What you see is what you get. It's a vision of charm and innocence.

Vele Nel Vento



Angel Estevez

My name is Angel Estevez. I was born in Spain and live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I work in the field of education. I am an enthusiast of arts in general, being self-taught in digital art.

I appreciate many art styles, but my preferred one is the abstract. Having started my career doing
digital art, I currently also do traditional painting. I hope that people who see my artworks share
the same pleasant feelings that I had in creating them.

My works are created with two softwares, Bryce and Photoshop. Some studies I create in Bryce,
sometimes with some postwork in Photoshop. Others I just use Photoshop.

Angel Estevez's art on the Web

Abstract Composition 215


Abstract Composition 244


Abstract Composition 340


Abstract Composition 360


Abstract Composition 413


Abstract Composition 414


Abstract Composition 416


Abstract Composition 470


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