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February 19, 2015
Blog 08


Digital Art Gallery Online
Digital gallery of best pictures and photos from portfolios of digital artists.

Digital Art Served
Top work in categories such as computer graphics, matte painting, digital painting and photo manipulation.

Soho Arthouse (Soho Gallery For Digital Art)
Event space, gallery, tech, film screening room, product launches, pop-up, fashion week, charity art shows in NYC.

DAM - Digital Art Museum
Museum and gallery

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is a contemporary gallery in downtown LA dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, new media, digital video.

Community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints.

Almost entirely 3D rendered art from such programs as 3DS Max, Maya, Lightwave and others.

Museum of Computer Art
Nonprofit US educational corporation chartered by the NYS Department of Education.

Digital Art Online
Online digital art exhibition space. Includes thematic exhibitions.

Museum of Digital Fine Arts
Spotlighting the most brilliant new artists of the modern age.

Digital Arts: California
Showcase of digital art both physical (in gallery) and virtual (online).


Bruce Thacker

Someone recently asked me: "What does good digital art look like?" When I do a google search of "digital art images" I see cartoons, juvenile sexual phantasies, science fiction and movie stills.

The study of art has been a life-long obsession for me but I must admit that I didn?t know what to say good digital art should look like.

I do know that good visual art is like poetry without words, and music for the eyes, containing rhythm and motion like a dance; and it seems to fulfill some deep human psychic need.

When I am working on art in the computer, jumping back and forth between programs, I do not plan my steps or remember them when it is over. The results I like best however is a visual poetic association that can?t be ignored, some moment of visual poetry, some unique combination of line, form and color.

For me, doing art is its own reward. I am a happy man and I am in love with colors - bold, wild colors and color combinations that delight the eye.

I do not question what good art should look like. But now I do tell everyone, to find good digital art, the best place to look is Bruce Thacker's website

Bruce Thacker's Blurb book

DONNIE 2015 CATALOG Preview entire catalog of 110 pages at


by Peter Ciccariello
from the series Visual Poetry

Extremism in Their Midst

How Language Is the Cause

Word Body Image

Map of Narrative

The War of Authorship

Peter Cicceriello's art at Satchi Art

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JD Jarvis, Donnie judge, announces the eight winners

First Prize
Bjoern Daempfling
Hirnwald (Brainforest)

Second Prize
Osvaldo Buccafusca
Back in the Cube

Third Prize
Jim Jasinski

Honorable Mention #1
Pauline van de Ven
When the Going Was Good

Honorable Mention #2
Renata Spiazzi
Joie de Vivre

Honorable Mention #3
Gina Topping
Morgan The Paint

Honorable Mention #4
Renata Spiazzi

Honorable Mention #5
Eric Wayne
Awakening upon Death of the Bride of the Creature

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