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Petra Stefankova
The Fishmarket
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Petra Stefankova uses the name YetAnotherFace as a kind of pseudonym.

"Her digital artworks are based on an early 20th century surrealist automatic drawing method but she has adapted these principles to contemporary digital art practice using 3D applications. The surrealist technique refers to the psychoanalysis research of Sigmund Freud, the manifesto by Andre Breton, and the drawings of Max Ernst.

"The composition and content of the artwork were strictly led by internal subconscious reactions. The process is a reflection of the artist's personal experience and the artist becomes a medium translating her subconscious internal reactions into a visual form playing with random elements based on the uncontrolled processes executed in different, often strongly emotional life situations and fragile moments. Dissimilar to other methods of random drawing and form-shaping in computer art, Stefankova's approach strictly depends on the unique human perception and interpretations of her internal and external world."

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