Rent-a-gallery for a one-person, two-person or group show

The Museum of Computer Art provides its physical gallery in Brooklyn NY to artists, educational institutions and art groups for the display of digital art, animation and interactive art. It offers approximately 800 square feet of wall space for wall-hung and interactive art (and two large-output monitors for the display of video and animation). It provides a carefully-curated gallery at affordable prices to experienced and intermediate artists who want to take exposure of their art to the next level.

As a nonprofit educational institution located in a new and trendy NYC art area, MOCA is ideally situated (and organized) to provide professional exhibit space to the world-wide digital art community.

Gallery is usually available for three-week periods and must be reserved approximately three months in advance.

For gallery photos, click on physical gallery link top of page.

For pricing, availability and details, write to Don Archer, MOCA director: